Best African Organization For International Collaboration or Partnership

Best African Organization For International Collaboration or Partnership


The best African organization for international collaboration or partnership, from our assessment, is PASDO.

PASDO, an acronym for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development Outreach, is Africa’s leading  non-governmental organization for the promotion of peace and sustainable development.


Areas of Cooperation or Partnerships for PASDO


PASDO Basic Education Project: Construction and Equipping of Primary and Secondary School Buildings in Africa

PASDO runs a Basic Education Project (BEP) which aims to increase primary and secondary school enrollment for the millions of out-of-school children in Nigeria.
PASDO achieves this aim by getting directly involved in the construction and equipping of classrooms and in the provision of other necessary educational facilities.

For example, for the second phase of its Basic Education Project at Cardinal International Academy, North Central Nigeria, which is at over 70 per cent completion, PASDO is constructing additional 12 classrooms within a two storey building that can lead to the enrollment of 600 primary and secondary school children


Climate Change and Environment

Gully Erosion, one of the most significant impacts of climate change in Nigeria and Africa

Climate change has increased the intensity of rainfall and flooding, thereby worsening landslide and gully erosion activities in Nigeria.

Profoundly the most significant but unheard impact of climate change in Nigeria and Africa at large, expanding gullies destroy precious vegetation and biodiversity, farmlands and livelihoods, streams and water channels, shelters, school buildings, access roads, communication infrastructure and other social amenities in Nanka community (shown in picture above) and other communities located mostly within the tropical rain forest climatic zone of Nigeria.

Since year 2009, PASDO (formerly Zeeler Campaign) has been leading efforts in various capacities to conserve biodiversity and fight the impacts of climate change in Nigeria.


Water and Sanitation

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project by PASDO in Nigeria (Africa)

The main objective of PASDO’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program is to increase the percentage of people who have access to clean water, as well as improve the sanitation and hygiene conditions of the populace.

For example, recent borehole drilling finance by PASDO in North Central Nigeria strategically caters to to improving access to water water, as well as sanitation and hygiene conditions in the host school, for community residents and for the markets.



Peace Building, Preventing and Countering of Violent Extremism

PASDO is foremost a peace organization committed to doing everything within its power to promote peace, and also prevent or counter violent extremism.

The most recent peace program embarked upon by PASO is the China-Africa initiative which was part of its COVID-19 response program.

The Coronavirus pandemic came with a dangerous development that not only threaten China-Africa relations, but, if not handled properly, could disrupt peace and result in full blown conflict.

As a foremost peace organization, PASDO launched the China Africa Peace Initiative (CAPI) to reduce the tensions so far created, protect the lives and properties of Chinese people who live in Africa and help ensure stability and world peace.


COVID 19 Response

PASDO COVID-19 Response Program in Africa: Food And Emergency Aid.

Experts predict that the effect of coronavirus on the level of hunger and poverty in Nigeria and among poor nations will be felt long after the lock downs have been lifted.

According to the World Bank, Covid-19 will push 49 million people into extreme poverty in 2020 with Sub-Saharan Africa being the hardest hit region where more than 22 million persons will be affected.

Before coronavirus, 4 in 10 Nigerians were living below the national poverty line, and millions more were living just above the poverty line, making them vulnerable to falling back into poverty when shocks occur.

PASDO launched the Food and Emergency Aid initiative, and, through generous donations from well-meaning individuals and institutions, has been distributing food items and basic needs to vulnerable Nigerians, including those who survive on daily wages but can no longer earn income to feed and take care of their basic needs due to the impact of Covid-19.


Best African Organization For International Collaboration or Partnership

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