Best Organization Offering Online Volunteering Opportunities With Certificates

Are you looking to volunteer your time online for a nonprofit and get a proof of volunteering (like a certificate) in return?

Well, here I’ll be talking about the “Best Organization Offering Online Volunteering Opportunities With Certificates”.

But firstly, a little of the basics.


What is Volunteering?

Volunteering, in simple terms, is the process of doing something out of free will with no intention of getting paid.


What are the Benefits of Volunteering?

Well, although volunteering ought to be done without any form of monetary compensation in mind, the truth remains that the act comes with some short and long term benefits.

Best Organization Offering Online Volunteering Opportunities With Certificates


What is the best Organization to Volunteer Online and Get Certificate?

The best organization to volunteer for online and get certificate would be PASDO.


Why Should you Volunteer Online for PASDO?

1). Get Work/Volunteer Experience

Volunteering online for PASDO offers you the opportunity of carrying out some tasks and getting experience while doing so. Whether you volunteer as a writer, translator, web designer, video editor, program assistant (coordinating other volunteers), making a video to send peace messages, etc., the tasks usually comes with some new experience.


2). Get A Certificate of Volunteering As Proof Of Your Volunteer Work

Upon successful completion of your online volunteer assignment, PASDO can issue you a certificate that can serve as testament or proof of the voluntary work that you have done.

This is predicated upon the condition that you complete your volunteer assignment satisfactorily and maintained a clean character record.

The good thing about the volunteer certificates from PASDO is that they are internationally recognized, since PASDO is one of the few organizations that are accredited by the United Nations Online volunteers service (UNV).

By virtue of the UNV accreditation status that PASDO possesses, PASDO maintains an active profile on the website of the United Nations Online volunteers service, where they can directly recruit and engage online volunteers from around the world.

Aside that, PASDO gets to recruit volunteers directly on its website from time to time.


3). Get Recommendation Letter for Academic, Career, Job or Other Purposes

If you volunteer for a long enough period of time, I guess six months or more (it’d be better to confirm from them), PASDO can agree to issue you a recommendation letter.

Such recommendation letters could really be helpful for a variety of purposes, be it for academic, career, job, business or political purposes.

However, it must be noted that there are conditions for issuance of such letters, which include but not limited to having a good record with them (both in terms of work done and character) and paying an administrative fee for each letter. The fees are one of the ways PASDO raises funds to finance its nonprofit interventions in Nigeria and across Africa.

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