How to Buy the Best, Reinforced Tarpaulin, Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond in Nigeria

How to Buy the Best, Reinforced Tarpaulin, Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond in Nigeria

This post describes how to buy the best collapsible mobile fish pond tarpaulin in Nigeria, step by step.

But, before that, you may wish to quickly read up this short article on the disadvantage of mobile tarpaulin fish pond, so that you can understand why you should never buy tarpaulin fish pond from just anybody.

This article too on common mistakes to avoid when using mobile tarpaulin fish pond can also be very helpful.


Now lets dive into how to buy the best collapsible mobile tarpaulin fish pond in Nigeria and have it way-billed to your location (continue below):


Best Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond in Nigeria by Benuwatts


1. Visit Benuwatts Website.

Go online to Benuwatts website at and scroll down to the “See Our Products” section.


2. Browse Through the Price List of Tarpaulins.

Browse through the list of their tarpaulins to find the size that most suits the space that you have.


3. Check out the product details.

Click on the desired tarpaulin size to read the product description.


4. Add desired tarpaulin to basket

Adjust the quantity based on your desire and then click on “Add to basket”…


5. To the right (or under) the website notice that the product (s) “has been added to your basket”, click on “View basket”.


6. If you desire to change the quantity; adjust product quantity using the “up” and “down” icon buttons under the “Quantity” column and then click on “Update basket”.


7. If you desire to check up more products (sizes) and them to your basket, navigate back to the tarpaulin section on the website and repeat Steps 2-6.


8. When you have finished adding all the products that you have in mind and adjusted the quantities to your desire, click on “Proceed to checkout”.


9. Fill in your information (like First name, Last name, Street address, Town/City, State, Postcode/ZIP (you can just use six zeros, i.e. “000000”), phone number, email address, etc.


10. Review your product list and if satisfied, click on “Place order”.


11. Check the email address that you filled in for a pro forma invoice containing a summary of your Order, the total amount you are expected to pay and the bank details of Benuwatts.


12. Make payment into the bank account details of Benuwatts Company Limited.


13. Wait for an acknowledgement email from the company (this should not take more than 48 hours), or alert Benuwatts should you not receive an acknowledgement email after 48 hours.


14. Wait for 7-10 work days to receive a call from the transport company that has way billed your products, or contact Benuwatts should it exceeds 10 business days.


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8th February 2023 2:29 am